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Sweet, creamy and nouveau... That's what we're offering you here at with a pinch of difference. Here, we're trying to emerge from normal to spectacular. We are based in Malaysia. Start selling online for almost 7 years from 2009. Since 2014, we start selling squishy and kawaii things on a small Instagram shop and have almost 22,000 and growing active followers. After 2 years selling on Instagram, we are thinking seriously to have our own website to offer our products and manage our order systematically. Surely, our products are 90% ready stocks and 10% pre-order. We also provide you with wholesale purchasing for the convenience of buyers. Our products range from toys, accessories and more. It is perfectly safe for kids aged 3 and above and absolutely fits for all walks of life. Customers satisfaction is the core of our success. Hopefully all customers will enjoy their shopping experience with us here.